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Not going to be a long post… but I think I’m going to at the very least keep the blog up. At the beginning of the postings, there were people that seemed to relate and/or garner help from it… but things… have changed.

Well, Jane and Rose had a falling out of sorts. Well.. Rose left Jane high and dry. Jane is dealing with depression… fuck it, I’M dealing with depression. See.. Jane is feeling VERY strongly about her feelings/attractions to women. So much so that I’ve discussed/asked her if she’s more lesbian than anything. So we have a bunch of different emotions to go through.

But this… I just can’t keep writing. I’m writing this to try and give myself a way to vent… but all that happens is I get deeper into my depression. So I don’t know what to do really, other than… stop posting. So.. I guess.. there ya have it! Maybe I’ll come back, maybe I won’t… not sure… but until then…


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