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You & Me

Not necessarily a poly themed story mind you.. but hot none the less… Love this writing style..

And Then She Moaned

I’m there. I’m waiting… waiting for you to see. Your eyes turn and catch the rose petals… a path leading you upstairs.

“Honey?” You call.

I stay quiet. Waiting.

I hear your footsteps as you ascend the stairs. I can feel your excitement before you even come in the room…. The door opens slowly and I see you look in. My heartbeat quickens, and a sexy smile crosses my face as I watch your face transform.

I am laying there, an oversized Batman shirt with lace boy shorts. Every geeks dreams. My hair is tumbling around me, like a red sea. Candles burning all over the room. I cock an eyebrow in your direction. I don’t have to say anything, my eyes say it all. Your mouth is hanging slightly open, your nostrils flaring.

I slink across the bed towards you, beckoning you with my finger. You are no sooner…

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