About “Joe”

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a husband and a father. Married for more than a decade to the love of my life. She is my everything. Up until the beginning of this year, we were a monogamous couple and technically we still are as we haven’t really added another one to the marital dynamic. My wife had a major turn of events in her life, which I will chronicle some of those here that has led her to become polyamorous. I’m trying to figure it all out, mixed with my own personal emotions that are coupled with a messed up upbringing (thanks MOM) and fickle “friends” that I developed over the years.

My wife and I are approaching this new scenario and arrangement together, hand in hand (in hand). We are doing this together. We are going about this to figure out how my wife can express those feelings for another woman, how we can bring that into our marital and sexual dynamic, and how I can deal with my insecurities, confidence and self image issues. Sounds like a bundle of puppies groomed for an administrative office wall calendar, doesn’t it?

I’ll probably add more to this a bit later but figured I’d get some basics down here. Maybe tomorrow I’ll update…


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